Two of the world’s biggest pop stars – Adele and Celine Dion – may team up to duet together

Oh yes, Celine Dion has reportedly met up with Adele while in London for her UK tour to discuss the possibility of singing together.

Can you imagine? Would they begin with Hello? Maybe follow with That’s The Way It Is? End with Someone Like You before breaking our hearts again with My Heart Will Go On?

Pop fans may explode.

‘Adele made the trip to meet her idol and the music legends both embraced in a private room backstage before the gig and told each other how much they loved each other,’ a source has revealed of the moments before Dion took the O2 Arena stage on Tuesday night.

However the source added that although the conversation was friendly, Adele would be too terrified of singing live with Dion to make the moment come true. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Kendall Jenner posts smouldering tummy-baring shot but fans reckon there's something "weird" about her belly button

While we expect to see sexy snaps from Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian on a daily basis, it's not often Kendall Jenner smoulders for camera.

But that all changed on Tuesday when the supermodel posed up a storm for a seriously sexy sunshine snap.

Posing in a blue and white bikini and sporting more make-up than usual, the star has her trim tummy on full display as she lounges on a chair.

She simply captioned the shot, shared with her 82million Instagram followers, with three pizza emojis.

However, some fans were quick to point out that her belly button looked "weird" in the snap.

One accused her of airbrushing the picture, writing underneath the shot: "Why does her belly button look like that? Photoshop?" CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Bella Hadid got sprung stalking a pic of her ex and we feel her pain

We’ve all been there.

You’re having a casual stalk scroll through your ex’s Instagram page, y’know just to check out how they’re going and stuff, right?

Suddenly you’re tapping in to a photo to have a bit of a gander up close, and as if it has a mind of its own, your thumb gives the dreaded double-tap (double cringe points if you’re already 76 weeks deep).

This whole nightmare-inducing scenario is something we all worry about, but spare a thought for Bella Hadid, who not only did this to a photo of her ex-boyf The Weeknd, but was tagged and had the offending ‘like’ screenshot long before she could unlike the pic.

While the photo, which showed The Weeknd on the cover of Forbes magazine, wasn’t actually on the singers 'gram (Bella no longer follows him), she did like the photo of her former flame on The Shade Room’s page. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Niall Horan says collaborating with the One Direction guys would be ‘weird'

Destiney Bleu and Khloe are locked in a bitter dispute after the independent designer said she stole her bedazzled bodysuit idea

Speaking to ET Canada, when asked whether he’d be willing to work with Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson or Liam Payne, he revealed that while it’s not ruled out completely, it would be a bit odd considering they’re all working on their own projects.

“Can’t rule anything out really, can you? I suppose right now, it would be a bit weird.”

Niall did, however, open up about potential future collaboration projects he has in the works.

"I have a couple of songs that could potentially be something like that. Fingers crossed – I can get to play some stuff to people and see what happens, but the whole idea of collaboration, you know, it's great – because like, I don't think there's a lot of it going on in our world anyway. Not as much as there should be," he revealed.


Ariana Grande wraps up European tour with the sweetest message

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for Ariana Grande. Not only did she return to Manchester following the horrific terror attack at her show to perform her One Love Manchester Benefit Concert, she refused to bow down to fear and continued on with the European leg of her Dangerous Woman tour.

Following the final performance in Turn, Italy on June 17 which came nearly a month after the attack that killed 22 fans, Ari took to Instagram to thank her dedicated fans for their unwavering support.

“At the close of this European leg of my Dangerous Woman tour, I just wanted to thank you properly for the overwhelming love and support you’ve shown me, my crew, and each other during this challenging time,” she wrote. “Spending this time with you this month has been so very healing and special!”

Ariana went on to thank her fans supporting One Love Manchester, which raised around $3.5 million for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund set up by the British Red Cross.