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Hi you, I’m Janelle I am 10100 years old haha!!! also I’m from the birth place of Harry Potter, Milne Bay. I’m also the host of Nau FM Days. When I’m not on air I go surfing its really fun, BTW I just started so I’m no Steph Gilmore but I love it. I hate black licorice, it yuck, I can’t even watch people eat it.

I watch reality TV shows Keeping Up with The Kardashians that’s one of my favorites then there’s Master Chef Australia, and Empire just to name a few. Anyways hey does that picture make me look like a boy LOL catch me on Nau Fm Days 9am – 2pm Scared of: Breaking a bone or getting seriously hurt. Being in pain yeah that scares me.

Favourite Kardashian: Khloe (she is awesome)

Book or Movie: Movie ( I just don’t have times to read, it’s really sad)

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Hey, hang out with me on Nau FM Days I will play your favorite song tell about what everyone on the internet is talking about we’ll prank call your bestie and give you the 411 on the latest music and celebrity goss weekdays from 9 AM – 2 PM.

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Nau FM twit of the day: Some people should be NOT on twitter, check out some of the dumbest tweets ever posted.

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