NAU FM BREKKI with MISTIQ & GEORGE: 6am to 9pm Weekdays
This show is not for the faint hearted these two discuss it all from the latest sex toys to mythical heroes kick start your day the Nau fm way with Mistiq and George

NAU FM DAYS with Janelle : 9am to 2pm Weekdays
Weekdays from 9 am – 2pm Chill with me we’ll prank call people talk about the latest celebrity, music and tech news and listen to lots of music on Nau FM days.

NAU FM's HOMERUN with Danny: 2pm to 7pm Weekdays
The one guy who thinks about random and spontaneous things without thinking about it lol.
See what I mean haha sometimes I won't screen my thoughts but should be Boinaka coz we humans :-) So if you need a lift home this arvo Let's kick it on NauFm's HomeRun!!! Joey with ya! PS: wanna be grilled on NauFM's Grill!!? get in touch hahaha!

NAU FM Night’s with DOL : 7pm to 12am Weekdays
She’s Witty and hilarious hang with Dol on Nau Fm Nights her Haus cook sesh is CRAZY!!

NAU FM Lockdown With TALA : 12am to 6am Weekdays
Weekdays from 12 am – 6 am Tala will give you tips on how to save coins and he’s always got a crazy story to tell Tala on Nau Fm Lockdown..